Artwork restoration is one of the most important

connecting threads between the past, present, and future




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Restoration and conservation of monumental paintings

- strengthening the plaster and paint layer, mold removal;

- duplicating the canvas and edges;
- strengthening the ground and paint layer;
- removal of warping of the base (canvas);
- removal of gaps in the canvas;
- masticating in places of loss of the ground or paint layer;
- fixing the crumbling of the colorful layer;
- applying adhesive composition in the places of lagging (delamination) of the ground from the substrate;
- removal of surface contamination from the paint layer;
- removal of the old varnish and paint layer records;
- tinting in places of loss;
- removal of mold (consequences of improper storage) from the surface of the work.

Restoration and conservation of works of art | Restorer conservator Marina Shariy

» Restoration and conservation of monumental paintings

Restoration of wall paintings (frescoes) includes the removal of surface dirt, strengthening the paint layer, restoration of lost fragments of the fresco, tinting in places of loss of the colorful layer.

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