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Artwork restoration is one of the most important

connecting threads between the past, present, and future

Consultation and curation of private collections



20, Avenue Guillemin, 1009 Pully, Switzerland


Marina Shariy
+076 4740835

Consultation and curation of private collections

Restoration and conservation of works of art | Restorer conservator Marina Shariy

- cataloguing of private collections;
- Оidentification and analysis of state of conservation;
- selection of conservation and restoration methods for works of art;
- preventive conservation measures for works of art;
- Кconservation and restoration;
- selection and installation of equipment to maintain proper storage conditions;
- organization and preparation of works for shipping;
- selection of fittings and a plan for hanging the works;
- lighting;
- preparation of the work for sale;
- advice on purchasing a work of art;

- collaboration with insurance companies in the handling of insurance claims.

The following services are offered to private collectors:

» Consultation and curation of private collections

Professional advice on the storage of works of art. Proper selection of temperature and humidity of the room, taking into account the influence of sunlight can fully protect the artwork from external negative influences, allowing it to preserve its original state for a long time.

Depending on the arrangement, a specialist may periodically visit the place where the painting is stored and monitor its condition in order to maintain favorable storage conditions. Sometimes these services include the installation of instruments (thermometers) and, if necessary, the performance of restoration and conservation interventions.

Determining the preservation of the work and preparing documentation (dossier and photographic fixation) for exhibitions and personal archives.

© Marina Shariy

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