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Artwork restoration is one of the most important

connecting threads between the past, present, and future




20, avenue Guillemin, 1009 Pully, Switzerland


Marina Shariy
+076 4740835


» Multimedia

In collaboration with the Muravyov-Apostol Museum, we have created a multimedia project that will shed new light on the personality of the Russian artist and present to the public his works, which have never been exhibited before.

For several years, in collaboration with the Museum of Art and History of Geneva, the Geneva Library, the Russian Museum, I have been studying a little-known period of life and work of the great Russian artist, Orest Kiprensky. In 1816, the master lived and worked in Geneva. During this time we have managed to find archival documents, letters related to this period, which were not studied by specialists. We also managed to find the works of O. Kiprensky, the presence of which was previously Kiprenin's works.

© Marina Shariy

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