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Artwork restoration is one of the most important

connecting threads between the past, present, and future




20, avenue Guillemin, 1009 Pully, Switzerland


Marina Shariy
+076 4740835

In my 20 years of professional work in museum restoration, I have been lucky enough to participate in the restoration of works that are masterpieces of world art. I had the opportunity to work both in private ateliers and in the workshops of major museums in Europe. I had the opportunity to meet and learn from well-known experts in the field of art restoration.


I received my first higher education in Leningrad, graduating from the Lensovet Institute of Technology. Lensovet Institute of Technology, Department of Engineering Cybernetics in Chemical Production.  I independently prepare restoration mixes and participate in the chemical analysis of the work, which is necessary for the correct choice of restoration method. I started my restorative education in the workshop of Pierre Genorret (Geneva) in 1995. 

» Competence

Restoration and conservation of works of art | Restorer conservator Marina Shariy


Completed a full course of study (restoration of easel and monumental painting, polychrome culture) in the restoration workshop of the Alexander Nevsky Lavra, under the supervision of D. Mironenko and T. Morgunova. She did her graduation work in collaboration with the Russian Museum. Participated in the restoration of the iconostasis and wall paintings in the Assumption Cathedral of the Tikhvin Monastery. In subsequent years, worked in the State Hermitage Museum (project of restoration of wall paintings, the Hall of Hercules, New Hermitage), Sinat and Synod (Pompeii Hall), Laval House, Polovtsev Dacha, Alexander Nevsky Lavra (Monumental and easel paintings, icons), worked for private collectors.

Since 2016 I became a member of the Union of Artists of Russia (restoration department). Since 2009 I constantly cooperate as an independent restorer with the Museum of Art and Istria in Geneva. On the basis of the museum I took a refresher course under the guidance of the Italian restoration scholar Paolo Cremonesi. I have the right to work officially with his techniques to remove surface soiling and remove lacquer coatings. Over the years, I have collaborated with the Musée d'art Puy (Switzerland), the Musée d'art Chaux-de-Fonds (Switzerland), and the Société des Arts (Geneva). She also participated successfully in state contests and was awarded a restoration project for the Geneva and Lausanne Railway Station and participated in the restoration of the Lausanne Cathedral and the Château de Saint Maire (Lausanne). For these works she received a medal from the government of Lausanne. 

Restoration and conservation of works of art | Restorer conservator Marina Shariy

Not a complete list of artists whose work I have restored:

Swiss School:

Russian School:

- J.P. St. Urs (1752-1809)
- Bartholomew Mann (1815-1893)
- Charles Giraud (1850-1914)

- Ferdinand Hodler (1852-1818)

- Dmitry Polenov (1844-1927)
- Marc Chagall (1887-1985)

French School:

Italian School:

- Eugène Delacroix (1798-1863)
- Claude Monet (1840-1926)

- Michele De Rdolfo del Ghirlandaio (16th century)

I have experience with insurance companies who specialize in working with works of art. I have also accompanied paintings after restoration for exhibition projects in museums in Edinburgh, Wuppertal, Basel.

In addition to restoration, I do historical research related to works of art and multimedia art projects.

© Marina Shariy

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