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Artwork restoration is one of the most important

connecting threads between the past, present, and future




20, Avenue Guillemin, 1009 Pully, Switzerland


Marina Shariy
+076 4740835

Each work of art is individual and the cost of restoration depends on many factors: the year of painting, the quality of the surface, storage conditions, the quality of the varnish and the paints themselves, the size of breaks, the intensity of dirt, etc. Therefore there is no definite price list for our services, but you can always order a preliminary estimate of the cost of restoration work from your photos for free.

Free assessment of the degree of damage & complexity of work on the restoration of works of art

Extensive experience in working with Swiss insurance companies on insurance and restoration work after fires, floods, damage to works of art, for private collections.

» Assessment of the extent of damage and complexity of the restoration work

Free сonsultation

Fill out the form & get a cost estimate 
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