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20, Avenue Guillemin, 1009 Pully, Switzerland


Marina Shariy
+076 4740835

Restoration and conservation of works of art

I carry out a full range of conservation and restoration activities, from determining the state of conservation of the work, selection of chemical materials and the choice of techniques, photographic fixation, to complete documentation and a report on the work done (which is important for archives and catalogs).

In my work I use methods based on years of research and experience of Paolo Cremonesi, an Italian chemist who works in restoration. The materials that I use are not harmful to works of art or poisonous to humans.

The main task of the restorer is to preserve the artwork by performing the necessary conservation and restoration. The most important criterion of restoration work is the reversibility of restoration processes. The materials are chosen and the appropriate techniques are selected with this in mind. It is also necessary to constantly follow new trends in restoration and build up your work using new techniques and technologies.

Today, as a freelance curator-restorer, I have three main tasks:

- conservation-restoration of works of art/paintings;
- research work;
- сurating private collections.

© Marina Shariy

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